Chef's Journal

Insights and reflections from the Loherb kitchen.

Reduce Risk of Infection in LOHERB

20 March 2020

LOHERB is working hard on reducing novel coronavirus COVID-19 spreading.

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LOHERB Youtube Channel

06 March 2020

LOHERB media interview channel. Let more people know the global brand from Taiwan.

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Customized Sticker Gift

18 February 2020

Unique customized design, create personalized digital stickers and physical gifts for you.

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LOHERB Yogurt Probiotics

08 February 2020

Yogurt is a cheap and healthy food. It can strength digestive system and improve immunity.

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No Traffic Jam to Yilan

07 February 2020

There are more ways to Yilan. Although it is far than high way 5, it is still a faster choice.

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Immunity Enhancing Diet

06 February 2020

High quality nutrition can enhance our body's immunity and improve our health.

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Flash Last Order

02 February 2020

Don't miss LOHERB super discount in limit time. Get your promotion code.

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Tourism COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention Guide

27 January 2020

Wear a mask, wash your hands and avoid crowds.

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Easy Hualien Traffic for Dummies

22 January 2020

Save you half time for Hualien traveling.

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15 January 2020

Experience Chinese New Year and enjoy natural food in wild place.

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Celebrate New Year in Yilan

26 December 2019

Whether it's a lively or peaceful celebration, Yilan can meet your new year.

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More LOHERB More Forestry

10 December 2019

Learn to nature. Experience more LOHERB life style.

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Customized Cuisine for You Only

24 November 2019

Whether Chinese, Japanese, Muslim food. LOHERB team can serve you wonderful.

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Menu for Wedding

17 November 2019

Contemporary French cuisine creates a cross-border style meal. All country guests can enjoy the food.

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Enjoy a Jaunt Alone

10 November 2019

LOHERB is friendly for single traveler. Enjoy one thousand discount for one person.

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Wedding Dessert Table

09 November 2019

Buffet can be arranged as a beautiful venue or a cocktail party.

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Autumn and Winter Period Menu

29 October 2019

LOHERB autumn and winter period menu have new variety delicious meals. Please never miss it.

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Booking a Date Online

19 October 2019

LOHERB online reservation system is the best and easiest way for your date.

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