Chef's Journal

Insights and reflections from the Loherb kitchen.

LOHERB Wedding Brief

24 July 2020

Clear LOHERB wedding brief. Let you host dream wedding in easy way.

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Join Yilan Star Fire Festival

16 July 2020

Yilan Star Fire Festival, not only with your eyes, but also together to ignite this feast!!!

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Epidemic Prevention Travel Plan

25 June 2020

Gift voucher for LOHERB Epidemic Prevention Travel Plan.

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Travel Allowance Plus

23 June 2020

Realize all travel allowance plus in five minutes.

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Meal Designed by Seasons

21 June 2020

LOHERB dish is designed by nutritionist and chef. They are not only delicious but also good for human health.

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Free Bike Sharing in Yilan

15 June 2020

Enjoy Yilan beautiful sightseeing by free renting bicycle.

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Yilan Golden Brown Avenue

04 June 2020

In golden brown avenue, you can see golden rice straw shines in the sunlight to form a magnificent rice wave beauty.

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Mini Nara in Yilan Bambi Land

02 June 2020

Yilan cute animal attraction. Close contact feeding deer and deer cultural and creative goods.

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Fun Bike in Yilan

19 May 2020

Enjoy really relax bicycle trip in Yilan. It is an easy tour trip guide for everyone. let’s fun bike together.

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Where Amazing Happening

25 April 2020

Enjoy all space include indoor and outdoor in LOHERB.

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From the Largest Immune Organ

24 April 2020

Intestinal tract is not only a digestive organ but also an Immune one.

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LOHERB Multiple Payment System

05 April 2020

Cash free in LOHERB, use multiple payment system. Enjoy convenient and safe way.

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Reduce Risk of Infection in LOHERB

20 March 2020

LOHERB is working hard on reducing novel coronavirus COVID-19 spreading.

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LOHERB Youtube Channel

06 March 2020

LOHERB media interview channel. Let more people know the global brand from Taiwan.

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Customized Sticker Gift

18 February 2020

Unique customized design, create personalized digital stickers and physical gifts for you.

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LOHERB Yogurt Probiotics

08 February 2020

Yogurt is a cheap and healthy food. It can strength digestive system and improve immunity.

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No Traffic Jam to Yilan

07 February 2020

There are more ways to Yilan. Although it is far than high way 5, it is still a faster choice.

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Immunity Enhancing Diet

06 February 2020

High quality nutrition can enhance our body's immunity and improve our health.

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