Chef's Journal

Insights and reflections from the Loherb kitchen.

Older Golden Classic Canelé

18 July 2019

Special Golden classic canelé gift box price. Buy three get one free.

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Yilan Festival Calendar

04 July 2019

Won't be missed in Yilan this year. Let's join the party.

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Top Souvenir in Yilan

20 June 2019

All kinds of souvenir in Yilan. Share the joy in trip.

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Experience Customized Digital Service

17 June 2019

LOHERB responsive web design customize the best experience for everyone.

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Yilan World Class Beach

14 June 2019

LOHERB organize beautiful beaches of Yilan. Choose a best beach for yourself now.

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Cuisine Plating Class

13 June 2019

LOHERB Plating Cuisine Class. Experience the health cooking culture.

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Cocobolo Flower Class

12 June 2019

Cocobolo Flower Class. Experience the forever love.

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A.I. Customer Service

11 June 2019

LOHERB use AI CRM technology to give customer faster and smarter support.

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LOHERB Transportation Guide

10 June 2019

There are several ways to LOHERB to begin your holiday.

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Air Ballon Carnival

02 June 2019

Annual hot air balloon carnival. From 60 meters high overlooking Yilan.

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14 May 2019

We are hiring people. Let's become LOHERB Team together.

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Important of Breakfast

01 May 2019

A nutritious breakfast is a great way to boost your learning and productivity.

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Parenting and Accessible Design

05 April 2019

LOHERB have parenting and accessible design. Brings healthy services to everyone.

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Unforgettable Anniversary

25 March 2019

Whether a birthday, an anniversary, a marriage proposal, have an unforgettable anniversary.

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The Best Drive Way to LOHERB

20 March 2019

Find the best drive route to LOHERB, find the best way to escape from noising.

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Enjoy Coffee Enjoy Life

15 March 2019

Why don’t we give ourselves a break time for waiting, cool down our busy thinking. Enjoy café, enjoy life.

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Arrange a Special Vacation Meeting

14 March 2019

Wanna enjoy work and enjoy life? Let's arrange a special vacation meeting.

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Yilan Taiwan Travel Guide

14 March 2019

The most clear Yilan Taiwan travel guide. 30 minutes complete trip planning.

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