Yilan Taiwan Travel Guide

Posted on 14 March 2019

The most practical and simple travel guide to Yilan. Everyone can plan the Yilan travel itinerary within 30 minutes!!!
1.Jiaoxi Tuna Fish:Free foot bath and fish massage exfoliation in charge.
2.Barrel Broiled Chicken:Local taste broiled chicken.
3.Tuna Japanese Ramen:Eating ramen with foot tuna.
4.Wunan Chinese Restaurant:No menu food art restaurant.
5.Wufengqi Waterfall:Hiking and waterfall seeing place.

6.Jimmy Park:Installation art for photo.
7.Red Castle Duck:Duck food Chinese restaurant.
8.Taiwan Old Era Restaurant:Old style Taiwan food.
9.Shanzhai Village:Big monster installation restaurant.
10.Orange Country Museum:Making and eating confiture experience.
11.Kavalan Whisky Distillery:Wine tasting and making。
12.Fishing Rod Restaurant:Special seafood.
13.Scallion Culture Museum:Experience scallion farm.
14.Jiuliao River Ecological Park:Ecological park with river view.
15.Apo Scallion Pancake:Local street food taste scallion pancake.
16.Fried Meat Roll:Local street food taste meat roll.
17.Cinshuei Geothermal:Using geothermal to cook food.
18.Mr. Brown Cafe Castle:In a cafe castle to view Yilan area.
19.Lanyang Museum:Yilan culture museum.
20.Turtle Island Whale Watching:Taking boat to view whale.
21.Waiao Beach Cafe:Surfing and enjoying cafe.
22.Shen Yen Teppanyaki:High class teppanyaki food.
23.National Center for Traditional Arts:Old culture building and traditional arts museum.
24.Luodong Forestry Culture Park:Old forestry industry culture park.
25.Forest Meat Chop:Local street food meat chop.
26.Luodong Night Market:Top Yilan night market.
27.Normal Soup Dumpling:Scallion juicy dumpling.
28.Dongshan River Park:River park with water activities.
29.Cuisine LOHERB:Natural sightseeing restaurant.
30.Ecological Oak:Ecological park with boat taking.
31.Cowboy Steak:America style steak restaurant.
32.Plum Lake:Biking and hiking lake area.
33.Crayon Museum:Crayon drawing experience for children.
34.Suao Cold Tuna:Two of the world cold tuna in the world.
35.Couple Beach:Sunset viewing beach.
36.Fu Mei Seafood:Famous seafood restaurant in the harber.
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