Wedding Cost Contract

Posted on 09 March 2019

LOHERB wedding fee is NT $10,000 per hour, and the holiday is NT $15,000 per hour, which takes at least 2 hours. The venue fee includes a beverage snack buffet. The beverage includes black coffee, black tea, and fruit tea for a total of 100 people, snacks for 30 people.
The package meal is NT $1,300, include service fee. The minimum order quantity is 30. Set meal includes soups, salads, starters, main meals, and snacks. There are 5 choices for the main meal, 8 ounces of Prime Sharon Steak, Mint Sauce Lamb, Rib, Seafood Club, and Vegetables Club. Please confirm the taste in advance.

LOHERB contract for reference:
We also have a detailed introduction can refer to. If you have any help, please feel free to contact us. Call 03-959-5685, Fax 03-959-4320, E-mail !!!

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