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Posted on 01 April 2024

The vacation we are looking forward to is actually a journey of relaxation and idleness. We just want to stay in a comfortable place and do nothing, that would be perfect.
small-scale resort
The number of guesthouses and hotels that can provide high-quality food and beverage services in addition to five-star hotels in Yilan is scarce. However, in addition to the accommodation at the Loherb villa, the Sun Moon Lake Resort also has an independently operated restaurant, Loherb CUISINE. Unlike hotels with large crowds of people, Sun Moon Lake Resort is a small-scale resort that offers a tranquil environment with complete accommodation and dining services, making it the perfect choice for friends who want to relax and enjoy a three-meal stay.
a corner of relaxation
Cycling in the riverside park
Loherb has created many spaces for relaxation, surrounded by natural greenery. Free bicycle rental is available, and it takes only 10 minutes to cycle to the riverside park trail.
relaxing hot spring soak
After exercising, it's nice to relax in a warm bath before enjoying a delicious meal at a private kitchen restaurant. After indulging in the food, you can then lie in bed and watch a movie on a home theater projector, before comfortably falling asleep and temporarily escaping the hustle and bustle of city life.
Enjoying delicious food
The accommodation fee includes breakfast and afternoon tea. Breakfast is unlimited and guests can order additional items for free. Afternoon tea is available from 2:00-4:00 PM and includes snacks and drinks. Guests can also make reservations for lunch or dinner at the private kitchen restaurant without any service charge. With all these options available at Sunlight, guests can plan the perfect little getaway.

The "One-Night, Three-Meal" package includes breakfast and afternoon tea, as well as a premium-priced set menu at Sunlight's private kitchen restaurant, without any service charge.

【The "One-Night, Three-Meal" package】

A two-day, one-night stay for two people, which includes "One-Night, Three-Meal" package and a light bike tour, starting at a minimum price of NT$5,960. With each person only paying around NT$6,000, you can enjoy a resort-level experience.

【The "One-Night, Three-Meal, Four-Person" package】

A two-day, one-night stay for four people, which includes "One-Night, Three-Meal" package and a light bike tour, starting at a minimum price of NT$11,120. With each person only paying around NT$3,000, it's an easy way to plan a group trip.

【The price for the "Two-Night, Five-Meal" package】

A three-day, two-night stay for two people, which includes "Two-Night, Five-Meal" package and a light bike tour, starting at a minimum price of NT$9,760, which includes room rates at NT$3,800 per night for two people, and NT$1080 per person for each meal. For less than NT$10,000, you can completely relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Regardless of the package, the prices quoted are based on the lowest room and meal rates. If you prefer a better room type or meals, additional fees may apply depending on the item selected.

Loherb villa

loners villa photo by ddouble_aaa
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