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Posted on 10 December 2019

Living in a Building can Breathe Together
After a lapse of four years, a new chapter has been opened in the natural travel and lodging brand LOHERB.
This year is the starting for expansion of LOHERB. The original intention is still to integrate environmental and ecological engineering methods, so that more people have the opportunity to experience the beauty of natural life in green buildings.
Ecological Construction Green Building Creates a Natural and Friendly Environment
As the main vision of the whole area, LOHERB design that extends from the first phase to the second phase. Looking from a distance, the high-walled building that is seen is sunlight and green building. In addition, it is also an architectural vocabulary that can talk to each other. Looking at the wooden boardwalk that runs through the entire building model, it looks like a path to happiness.
Around the first floor, a large floor-to-ceiling glass design is used to replace the concrete solid wall surface. It feels like a kind of building that floats off the ground and feels light and relaxed. In addition, the glass wall is also a design that borders the building and the environment, creating a natural and friendly surroundings.
Real Green Building is to Live Peacefully with Nature
At the same time, LOHERB has always been committed to becoming an international brand from Taiwan, promoting natural and healthy life so that more people know the beauty of Taiwan. Therefore, the LOHERB  brand continues its design style, and it is constantly improved and revised during the growth process. It truly makes people enjoy the natural life comfortably and coexist with the environment at all times.
Enjoy a Different Stay Experience from Senses
The design should be integrated into life naturally, so LOHERB does not have a magnificent design. Rather than the impact of vision, LOHERB hopes to create a living building, which truly feels the comfort of life from vision, touch, hearing and smell with natural temperature. The main color of the interior space of the new hall is coffee wood color and gray clear water mold brick as the main visual color system. It gives people a warm feeling of returning to the home. It is different from the visual feeling of the theme of various flowers in the first phase.
Walk to the balcony outside the guest room on the second floor. The fence is designed as a glass railing. In addition to being relatively easy to maintain, the landscape changes color as the seasons change. You can also touch it when you reach out to the railing. The tall trees even taller than the building can feel the charm of nature and the ideal of architectural design from the sight to the touch.
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