Exclusive Two Meal One Night Offer

Posted on 30 May 2024

At the loherb Resort, guests can enjoy stunning outdoor views of fields and forests, as well as unique interior décor featuring transparent glass curtains. The resort offers a variety of services, including the Loherb Green Architecture for vacation accommodations, the exquisite CUISINE  LOHERB  for dining, and the PATISSERIE  LOHERB  for afternoon tea, coffee, and snacks.

To take care of travelers who want to relax and enjoy their stay, Nikko has launched a special one-night, two-meal plan, which includes an exclusive meal for guests who book directly with Nikko. In addition to the original breakfast on the day after check-in, guests will also enjoy an afternoon tea on the day of check-in, all at no extra charge. This is a great deal that adds quality to your stay at Nikko's Green Lodge.
loherb's elegant interior decoration/design.
Booking directly with Nikko includes breakfast and afternoon tea in the room rate, making it a more cost-effective option than booking through other accommodation platforms.


The one-night, two-meal Nikko Treasure Box package includes an exclusive afternoon tea where guests can choose from five different snacks, both sweet and savory, all of which are exquisitely crafted with high-quality ingredients.
Afternoon Tea Snack Menu
The one-night, two-meal Nikko Treasure Box package includes a selection of six beverages for the exclusive afternoon tea, including both cold and hot options, as well as decaffeinated drinks.
Afternoon Tea Beverage Menu

【CUISINE  LOHERB Exclusive Breakfast】

The one-night, two-meal Nikko Private Kitchen package includes an exclusive breakfast designed by a nutritionist and a five-star chef based on a nutritional meal plan. Each dish is freshly prepared on the day of serving, with unique presentations from the main course to the sauces, providing not only delicious but also healthy and diverse options.
CUISINE LOHERB Exclusive Breakfast
The exclusively designed head chef offers a rotating breakfast menu featuring dishes such as Baked Bolognese on Fresh Toast and Baked Smoked Chicken in White Sauce on French Bread, ensuring guests are treated to a fresh culinary experience every day. Breakfast beverages are presented in a self-service bar, with six different options available for guests to enjoy at their leisure.

For vegan guests, Nikko also offers a pesto and wild mushroom focaccia, so you can rest assured that Nikko has taken care of everything for you!
For those who want to fully relax and enjoy a staycation, Nikko also offers a one-night, three-meal package that includes not only breakfast and afternoon tea, but also the option to add lunch or dinner to sample the exquisite Michelin-starred French cuisine created by Nikko's five-star chefs at the Nikko Private Kitchen. Indulge in a unique and luxurious French dining experience at loherb.


One-Night Three-Meals

If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us at any time. Friends who have needs are reminded to make reservations in advance. Our phone number is 03-959-5685, fax number is 03-959-1517, and email address is service@loherb.com.tw.
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