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Posted on 29 July 2019

Vegetarian and vegan diets are a trend in the modern food industry. Eating vegetarian is an environmentally friendly and healthy dietary choice. Because plant-based foods are rich in fiber, they provide a sense of fullness, are easy to digest, metabolize quickly, and impose less burden on the body.

A vegetarian diet can also reduce the risk of diseases, as many chronic illnesses stem from excessive intake of animal proteins. Additionally, plants are at the bottom of the ecological food chain, resulting in lower energy consumption and greater environmental sustainability.

【Delicious vegetarian options without the guilt】

At Loherb, whether it's breakfast or afternoon tea, we offer delicious options that vegetarian guests can enjoy with peace of mind. Besides catering to your needs, we aim to satisfy your culinary expectations as well.

【Vegetarian Rosini with Wild Mushrooms】

In line with the vegetarian trend, even if the Loherb menu does not include vegetarian options, Loherb also thoughtfully prepares a vegetarian risotto mushroom set meal that guests can pre-order if they have vegetarian needs.
Vegetarian Rosini with Wild Mushrooms
In addition to the seasonal vegetable main course, there are also vegetarian appetizers like herb potatoes, daily chef's soup, and Loherb garden salad, offering you a complete vegetarian feast.

Please be sure to inform us at the time of booking if needed, so we can prepare a wonderful dining experience for you in advance.
LOHERB Field Salad

LOHERB Field Salad

Using the highly nutritious Baby lettuce, which has a growth cycle of less than 2 weeks, as the main ingredient, along with fiber-rich red quinoa, creates a nutritious and delicious combination. Paired with homemade honey vinaigrette for a refreshing and light touch, adorned with sun-dried tomatoes and caramelized walnuts, bringing out the fresh and natural flavors of the vegetables with a healthy and slightly sweet taste.
Appetizer: Herb-infused Potatoes

Herb-infused Potatoes

In the vegetarian set menu, besides the seasonal vegetable main course, there are also herb-infused potatoes as the vegetarian appetizer. These potatoes are seasoned with a special blend of herbs, offering a unique texture that is both creamy and crispy. They are accompanied by homemade herb yogurt sauce, bringing out a unique fresh and sweet flavor.
Chef's Daily Soup Special

Chef's Daily Soup Special

A naturally flavorful soup made with seasonal vegetables, accompanied by molecular gastronomy-prepared cardamom foam, creating a multi-layered texture and taste experience.
Vegetarian Wedding Banquet Menu

Vegetarian Wedding Banquet

If you're planning a Wedding Banquet event, LOHERB offers specially designed top-tier vegetarian banquet menus, which include appetizers, salads, soups, cold appetizers, hot appetizers, main courses, and desserts.
Vegetarian Rosini with Wild Mushrooms

Vegetarian Rosini with Monkey Head Mushrooms

Vegetarian Rosini with Monkey Head Mushrooms: The lower layer substitutes yam and monkey head mushrooms for filet mignon, while the upper layer features cashews made into vegetarian foie gras, topped with indispensable truffle sauce, and paired with seasonal wild mushrooms.
Hot Appetizer: Mushroom Cream Risotto

Mushroom Cream Risotto

The hot appetizer for the wedding banquet is a creamy risotto cooked with Italian rice and sautéed mushrooms, creating a dish with distinct flavors and layers.

After the vegetarian tasting is completed, the LOHERB team will create a vegetarian Event Order for the couple, allowing them to easily confirm the vegetarian menu items for the wedding day and ensure that the banquet presentation meets their preferences.
Vegetarian Wedding Banquet Event Order Menu
Certainly, for those who prefer non-vegetarian options, they are welcome to explore the diverse menu offerings available at LOHERB for their wedding banquet.

If you'd like to enjoy guilt-free dining, feel free to refer to our Electronic menu and make a reservation through LOHERB's online booking system!!! When placing your order, please inform us if you require egg and dairy-free options or if you prefer entirely vegetarian dishes. While we don't currently offer fully customized vegetarian meals on demand, we appreciate your understanding.
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