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Posted on 23 May 2024

If you want to enjoy French cuisine, besides the abundant Sunlight set menu, for friends with smaller appetites, Sunlight Private Kitchen also offers à la carte options. The à la carte menu includes bread, main course, and beverage.

【Wednesday Exclusive Menu】

Starting from May 1st, we introduce the Chill Date Private Kitchen Wednesday Exclusive Menu, offering a relaxed atmosphere and delicious meals in contrast to the usual upscale restaurant ambiance.
Wednesday Cuisine Loherb Small Gathering Exclusive Menu

【Wednesday Exclusive Cuisine Loherb Small Gathering】

At Wednesday's Cuisine Loherb special menu, compared to the usual main course a la carte, there are more cream soups and desserts, making the gathering time more abundant.
Cuisine Loherb Small Gathering Meals

【Specialty Main Course à la carte】

Specialty Main Course à la carte priced at 770 yuan, including options such as St. Louis Pork Ribs, Fresh Fish à la Colette, Aged Cherry Duck Breast.
Specialty Main Course:Pork Spare Ribs with Honey Sauce
Specialty Main Course:Roasted Duck with Beetroot Sauce
Specialty Main Course:Fried Seafood with Shaoxing Velouté Sauce

【Chef's Specialty Main Course】

Chef's Special Main Course: Priced at 970 yuan, you have two options to choose from: Beef Wellington or US Ribeye Steak.and Peppered Lamb Shoulder Rack.
Premium Main Course:Beef Wellington
Specialty Main Course:Roasted Lamb with Makauy Salsa


The "Star Picking" main course à la carte price is NT$1070, with an option for a US ribeye steak.
Award:Rib-eye Steak

Whether gathering with close friends, sharing beautiful moments with a loved one, or simply enjoying gourmet food, the exquisite and delicious limited set menu allows you to effortlessly savor splendid times.

On a beautiful afternoon, may we enjoy life together in the lovely sunlight.

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